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  • Financial, Discounted Cash Flow, CPI Inflation, Graphic and Scientific calculator

    Whats new in version
    • New: Annual Fees - Option for ongoing fees In Advance.
    • New: End of Month day - Option for last day of the month on a short month.
    • New: Multi-Streams zero rates - Calculate payment for multi-streams with no interest.
    • New: SACC templates - SACC loans templates with 1st fee In Advance.
    • Adjust Instalments - Improve Smooth Adjustments on last payout or refund payment.
    • Root finding - Increase accuracy from 8 to minimum of 12 decimals (mostly near 16 decimals). Functions:
    • PAYG - 2014 PAYG tax rates for Australia. Install:
    • Code Cerfificates - Improved code security on Instal, Executable, DLLs.
    • Minimise user steps - Overhaul of Express install; reduce user intervention when this option is selected
    • Silent Install - New setup parameters for silent install.

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